About Us

About Us

Our Vision

The vision at Lewis Dunnings is to have our happy, talented, passionate team involved with interesting projects and achieving commercial success through servicing satisfied clients who come back for more.

The company ethos is that established systems are there to be challenged, boundaries are there to be pushed and problems are there to be solved. Integrity, Freedom and Beauty are the cornerstones of our beliefs.

Who We Are

We have carefully handpicked a Senior Team with a wealth of previous experience at top tier consultancies.

Our Directors are ‘hands on’ for all projects and are only ever a phone call away. All staff are trained to actively engage the external project team and ensure we provide a service that is enjoyable for all involved.

We are the boutique benchmark for responsive, collaborative and innovative structural solutions. Clients approach us for assistance on their current projects but also for our valuable early input on prospective sites and projects.